Saturday, 31 December 2011

On The Eve of 2012...

There are two things that consistently make me happy. Happy in the cheesy way for example - 'I think my heart just smiled' or 'oh my, that just took my breath away'.... You know, pure CHEESE! As you can see, I'm clearly having a pre-new year emotional some or other. Back to the point I have just the minute indulged in the viewing of a short film which, like all short films I genuinely favour, is beautifully shot with a clear and considered attention to detail (numero 2 of my 'things that make me happy') and devoid of unnecessary and swaying commentary. For the millionth time, I wish I knew how to add Vimeo films directly into this post, but because I don't enjoy a couple of minutes of subtle creative genius here before getting your party on on this 2012 eve!

Kinfolk - A guide to small gatherings (via Tiger In A Jar)

The glass jars with the cork stopper really make this home made honey all that more appealing. Attention to detail will do that every single time...

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