Monday, 5 December 2011

'Making' My Christmas...

I am - like most of my fellow Fashion Graduates - currently feeling a genuine pinch in the area wear my wallet would sit so buying presents for what is becoming an extended family is more difficult than ever. It's not that I don't want to be present planning/shopping/wrapping I just simply don't have the funds. Instead I have been on the SERIOUS prowl for homemade gift ideas - more so than usual. 

Seeing as this year will be Canadian Christmas numero 2 I thought I'd bring a little Aussie to the dinner table. More specifically, I'm making a Christmas cake! Not traditionally Australian, obviously, but there was a serious lack of it last year and I'm very keen to fill that gap. My only issue with this attempt at edible/mass gifting is that it isn't going to end up being the most aesthetically pleasing addition to the party so..... as always, the blogs have come to my rescue!! The Purl Bee suggests the Glittering Cookie Recipe and in return I would suggest that everyone get their stretchy pants on - it's chow time! 

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