Wednesday, 25 August 2010


Today is my 4th day in Toronto and the place is really starting to grow on me. Admittedly I did have a minor/mid-range meltdown when we first arrived but I'm going to blame that on expectations (which are rarely if not NEVER met) and a 2 day hangover... No matter how many people told me that Toronto is Canada's equivalent to Melbourne (or New York which I find hard to believe) it was never going to be like home and perhaps I should have been reminding myself of that before I stepped off the plane. Pish-tosh! I'm here now and I'm really getting a feel for the place. The people are really friendly and are generally pretty open to chat however, that also includes the less favourable of characters. I'm considering arming myself with mace... over-reaction? Perhaps. 

I have become a lot bit partial to the style of architecture here. The Canadian version of the terrace house is insane! A good 4 to 5 storey's tall and skinny as hell but with lots of windows and the odd small but useful jutting balcony (I will definitely post some photos asap... I haven't yet been bothered to take my camera out!). 

And there's other things to love. The area around Kensington Market where Hannah is staying is packed full of fresh food markets including fish and meet and there's a gazillion little vintage shops too! The area is pretty much hipster central which I love although I'm definitely going to have to work on my own hipster status (or lack there of) if I'm going to fit in. Toronto also has trams!! which remind me of Melbourne and the houses remind me of London... Home #1 and home #(hopefully)2.  

I realize that this probably isn't all that exciting to others so perhaps it's time for me to go explore some more...

Tuesday, 24 August 2010


The designer equivalent of my Lucite obsession...

Prada s/s '10 Image -

Love you, love me

Image - Vintage Lover/Facehunter

I have a dress just like this only in navy and I absolutely swear by it! I don't like dresses being too short so I add a little modesty and splash of pinash with my white lace bike shorts from Topshop. Wish I looked this good tho...

3rd night, second fire alarm, first fire...

At 2am today I was rudely and abruptly woken up by a fire alarm. I have never dressed so fast in my life! Turns out some douche bag pulled the alarm on the 1st floor. Tonight at about 9.30 the fire alarm went off again. I left because I thought it was probably safer to assume the worst then to stick around and get fried. Turns out there was actually a fire tonight... Tartu College, you are NOT what I expected!

Monday, 23 August 2010


Quick post of Han's rocking outfit from our time in New York. This night ended up being the one which caused my post re hangovers! It was worth it!

Saturday, 21 August 2010

Can you get me off your mind...

Han outside Brooklyn Natural - Bogart Street 

Central Park
Tiles for America - Memorial to 9/11 in Greenwich Village

All you need...

I have been insanely lucky to have stayed in The New York Loft Hostel for both the exceptional quality of the accommodation and the location. Admittedly I was a little nauseous while peering out the cab window on my way to the hostel - dimly lit streets lined with rather uninviting warehouses and the odd shady looking character on otherwise deserted corners - but Bushwick (a part of Brooklyn) has revealed a few sneaky little treasures that have sent me into a curiousity induced drool-feast just to imagine what else is lurking behind the next non-descript roller door. So far, the plan is to come back to Brooklyn and the hostel for Hannah's birthday so we can do some pretty serious investigating of the area. I should mention that the eery emptiness I thought I was seeing on my way here is actually a bit of a mask. The brick buildings are in fact lofts housing all sorts of hipster's and cool kids and from what I have seen they come out in droves at about 6pm. I plan to follow them on my next visit in the hopes of being lead to some local secret spots!! 

Two absolutely killer eats are Roberta's - fresh, organic and innovative food and amazing woodfired pizzas - and Momo's Sushi Cafe. 

Roberta's by day

Momo's at night - communal tables that still bare the shape of the tree that they were cut from; friendliest service I have EVER experience!

Roberta's is very inconspicuous, mostly identifiable by the lone ATM out the front. The vibe is very mellow and friendly! Note: was both impressed and inspired by the roof top garden where they grow most of their ingrediants - they also supply Momo's with some of their home-grown goodies. 

Momo's is on Bogart Street which is just around the corner and about 2 doors down from Roberta's. I stumbled upon this place after using the ATM out the front which identified it's location as Momo's Sushi Cafe. Yesterday was opening night and we were lucky enough to be play test dummies for their first run. My recommendation - the Pork Betty (aka. pork belly)!!! Y-U-M! The burly, bearded and dungaree wearing host made my night with his wicked sense of humour and air of unpretentious warmth. I can honestly say that it was the freshest, most beautifully presented and tasty Japanese food I have ever eaten!! A definite A+++++ 

Can't wait to come back and crack a little more into to Brooklyn's shell!

A hangover is still a hangover in New York...

I have definitely felt better...

Images - Google Images

Thursday, 19 August 2010

I am in like with you

Today is my 3rd official day in NYC and so far my expectations have been well and truly met. Admittedly we (fellow RMIT fashion export Hannah and I) have been about as touristy as a pair of tourist's can get just short of getting on one of those horrendous guided bus tours. Judge if you will but I make no apologise for myself... and in my defence, should a defence be required, we have found our way to some pretty amazing places without the suggestions from Lonely Planet's Guide to New York City. 

There's been Time Square, Central Park, vintage, the Staten Island Ferry past Lady Liberty, MoMA, Greenwich Village, vegetarian food to salivate over and many MANY attractive boys and girls! 

249 Varet Street, Brooklyn - a BIG A+

It might not be very intimidating but I'll take a few neon lights over Melbourne's Police in Hummers any day 

Breakdancer in Time Square

No shortage of WICKED boots! drooling for the patent blue ones...
Old photos for sale...

Change room?? 

Stumbled upon this treasure trove of wonderment in Greenwich Village... from what we could tell it was someone's front window...
More snaps to come...

Tuesday, 17 August 2010

V&A = L.O.V.E

Something that has become somewhat of a tradition when I visit London are my excursions to the Victoria and Albert Museum. My last visit to the V&A began with the intention of solely exploring the Grace Kelly exhibit but my suffocation amongst the  cacophony of knowledgeless tourists forced me outward into the belly of the place. I ended up spending a good 2/3 of my day traipsing through the maze of a building and was unsuprisingly suprised by the collection of architectural installations - a part of the Architecture in Small Spaces exhibit - as well as the insane bounty housed in the William and Judith Bollinger Jewellery Gallery. The jewllery was bound by black perspex walls which projected an aura of austerity and rarity. (Just quietly I am in lust with 1920's art deco jewllery thanks to a former work associate and her subtly exquisite flat, rectangular engagement ring. So unique in a time when bigger seems to be the supposed better option in engagement rings - imagine big rock vomiting sparkle all over your wedding finger...) I was most inspired by a designer from the Netherlands (who's work I ended up dreaming about), Evert Nijland. My day was made by this necklace from his 'Garland' collection.

It isn't nauseating with austerity or spewing god knows how many colours. It has both a simplicity in the kitchen twine equivalent of children's scribbles - and his use of neutral colours - but also a depth in texture that I find genuinely exciting. Honestly to own  this necklace - and one other from the same collection - I would gladly step in front of a double decker bus! I realize that statment might be a little over zealous but I truly haven't been this excited about options for self adornment since forever and I feel a little bit invigorated in my for creation and ornamentation.  More to the point I'm genuinely inspired by other people's ability to create the most wonderful things! 

'Rococo'- Naturae Collection Image:
'Stucco' - Venetie Collection Image:

Saturday, 14 August 2010

I think I just died a little...

I have been desperate for a pair of Lucite heels for a very, very long time now - proof evident in my Ebay 'watching' list which features at least 5 'stripper' shoe options... and as it happens I think today I have found the perfect pair! Actress Byrdie Bell is currently being featured on showing off the most insanely epic, horrendously amazing and overwhelming stripper-y pair of knee high, lace up Lucite shoes I have ever seen! All I need now is a point in the right purchasing direction and I will forever be a happy, plastic wearing chappy. 

 P.S. New York City in 2 days!! 

Thursday, 12 August 2010

Goodluck Tube

I have never been keen on late night public transport (in Melbourne let alone London) however tonight I had little choice as the all the available cabs were otherwise unavailable. So, I caught the last tube home and as luck would have it I was befriended by a pair of particularly rare and friendly people who not only let me chew their ears off for a good 6 stops but also genuinely wished me a safe onward journey home (without asking for a phone number or suggestng anything sinister). This might not sound overly exciting and is no doubt oozing with naivety but I feel enlivened with a refreshed perspective on human-kind. Please note that I am in no way advocating befriending smiley strangers, I simply wish to let you know that every now and then the universe will suprise you and tonight I have been suprised...

Little bit of London

Mirrored car.... I respect the uniqueness but really?!

YUM! Vanilla, Chocolate, Pistachio, Coconut, Blackcurrant and Violet, Rose

Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Number 1 and counting

Don't judge, this pose is in jest

I have been itching to start this blog for quite some time and am thus exploding with collected content destined for posting. However, now that I am finally here I'm a little lost for words and even more lost for a starting point...

As of right now this blog is not genre specific. I have considered that I should at least attempt to not to further drown the blog-o-sphere in more fashion-only hoo-haa but forgive me if I do, after all I am a fashion student...