Tuesday, 17 August 2010

V&A = L.O.V.E

Something that has become somewhat of a tradition when I visit London are my excursions to the Victoria and Albert Museum. My last visit to the V&A began with the intention of solely exploring the Grace Kelly exhibit but my suffocation amongst the  cacophony of knowledgeless tourists forced me outward into the belly of the place. I ended up spending a good 2/3 of my day traipsing through the maze of a building and was unsuprisingly suprised by the collection of architectural installations - a part of the Architecture in Small Spaces exhibit - as well as the insane bounty housed in the William and Judith Bollinger Jewellery Gallery. The jewllery was bound by black perspex walls which projected an aura of austerity and rarity. (Just quietly I am in lust with 1920's art deco jewllery thanks to a former work associate and her subtly exquisite flat, rectangular engagement ring. So unique in a time when bigger seems to be the supposed better option in engagement rings - imagine big rock vomiting sparkle all over your wedding finger...) I was most inspired by a designer from the Netherlands (who's work I ended up dreaming about), Evert Nijland. My day was made by this necklace from his 'Garland' collection.

Image: www.evertnijland.nl 
It isn't nauseating with austerity or spewing god knows how many colours. It has both a simplicity in the kitchen twine equivalent of children's scribbles - and his use of neutral colours - but also a depth in texture that I find genuinely exciting. Honestly to own  this necklace - and one other from the same collection - I would gladly step in front of a double decker bus! I realize that statment might be a little over zealous but I truly haven't been this excited about options for self adornment since forever and I feel a little bit invigorated in my for creation and ornamentation.  More to the point I'm genuinely inspired by other people's ability to create the most wonderful things! 

'Rococo'- Naturae Collection Image: http://www.klimt02.net/exhibitions/index.php?item_id=17191
'Stucco' - Venetie Collection Image: http://maybemaven.blogspot.com/

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