Friday, 5 October 2012


It takes commitment to wear two hands full of rings, especially in my field of work but man I love it!! 

Image via. Tobacco&Leather

Saturday, 11 August 2012

Must Have Madewell...

Over the last year or so I have been sporadically admiring Madewell's scrumptious garments via the blogosphere. The thing is is that I am not in a position - financially or geographically - to buy into the brand. Doesn't mean I can't continue to crush on it in this short, sweet and stylishly delicious video featuring Solange Knowles. 

Have I ever mentioned that I wish to one day wake up with an afro just like Solange's?? Well, believe it!

Tuesday, 31 July 2012

La Sagrada Familia by Gaudi

I have a few friends who are architects and I have always appreciated their passion for design and their extraordinary work ethic. I am clearly not an architect. While I can appreciate beautiful buildings and I have an ongoing obsession with Victorian architecture (when I'm rich and famous I WILL own a Victorian home in Toronto and Melbourne, respectively), I cannot for the most part get in on their excitement. 

Gaudi is a name that was referred to often when discussing the connection between architecture and fashion but again, I never really jumped on that inspirational bandwagon. That is, of course, until now. Andy over at Style Scrapbook did me a big favour (not personally of course but I'm not discounting the possibility of one day becoming her friend... and no, I'm not a stalker) by taking some amazing snaps inside Gaudi's 'La Sagrada Familia' - an iconic church in Barcelona. She describes its aesthetic as appearing to be "... inside a spaceship meets The Never Ending Story ivory tower." Personally, I'm getting a pretty major 'drenched with sunlight Pans Labyrinth' vibe. I like it....

Images via. Style Scrapbook

Tuesday, 24 July 2012

The Sum Of This Equation Is Delectable...

I have a stash of fabulous imagery stewing away in my 'BLOG' folder for the day when I once again feel the need to share it. Until then, however, here's a scrumptious image supplied by the ever concise and always stylish Scott Schumann over at The Sartorialist will have to tide me/you over. 

Image via. The Sartorialist

No one can deny the cyclical nature of the fashion industry when you see this vintage beauty, that's for sure.

Wednesday, 20 June 2012


I have followed Karla's Closet avidly for some time now. She doesn't over post and I can't remember ever running into any of the painfully repetitive re-posting that so many bloggers (myself included) fall victim to AND she has the most perfectly vintage-sprinkled style! She was also a big inspiration to me when I shaved my head as she rocks the pixi cut like nobody's business. Clearly I admire Karla's blog and style a fair bit. I also admire her bod... I mean really?!!! Carrie Bradshaw could NOT have done this dress better.

Josephine dress by Shareen worn at the Roman Luxe X Revolve party

Victims Of Beauty?...

Bulgarian publication 12 Magazine recently shot a rather interesting beauty feature - Victim of Beauty - that seems to have many in an anti-violence-against-women uproar. Personally, I wonder if they might be taking everything a bit too seriously. The editorial features a surprising and thought provoking combination of perfectly made-up models sporting rather gruesome and seemingly realistic injuries ranging from a black eye to a slashed throat. Obviously this concept was intended to get chins a wagin' but when a commenter on Fashionista's blog go so far as to say "Yup whoever did this hates women..."it strikes me as simply an interpretation on face value (no pun intended)... I'm not going to lie, the faux injuries really are horrendously life like and a little bit sickening if you think of them too literally but it is my opinion that we should be kudos-ing the skills of the makeup artist's instead of complaining about the supposed intentions and underlying 'message' of the editorial. Seriously, it's entirely possible that the minds and hands behind these images just wanted to see what they could do with such a dichotomous concept. Maybe they didn't feel like producing yet another beauty editorial where the model poses mouth open and hands resembling the stiffness of Barbie's. 

We are all entitled to our opinions and we each feel about these images something unique and individual so I'm not saying that the nay-sayer's are wrong to believe, feel and say what they have about 'Victim of Beauty'. I just want to make sure that everyone takes a deep breath, calms down and stops getting all worked up over something that is clearly a work of skill and creativity that is built upon a concept that insights both SHOCK and AWE.

Who really knows though... Maybe it was a statement for/against violence against women. I certainly don't believe in violence against ANYONE. 

A comment from another Fashionista reader Lindsey Schuyler - "Why do you automatically jump to domestic violence? Why assume women can’t get injured on their own? I think it’s a really interesting shoot, the contrast of what can be done with makeup is pretty amazing, it’s like two worlds of special effects colliding."



Friday, 15 June 2012

Anouncing An Anouncement That Has Already Been Anounced...

Maison Martin Margiela for H&M - coming to (hopefully) an H&M near ME in November!!! This may be the one an only time that you will see me in line with the hoards of other Margiela-must-havers before the stores have opened. And it will be worth it...