Saturday, 21 August 2010

All you need...

I have been insanely lucky to have stayed in The New York Loft Hostel for both the exceptional quality of the accommodation and the location. Admittedly I was a little nauseous while peering out the cab window on my way to the hostel - dimly lit streets lined with rather uninviting warehouses and the odd shady looking character on otherwise deserted corners - but Bushwick (a part of Brooklyn) has revealed a few sneaky little treasures that have sent me into a curiousity induced drool-feast just to imagine what else is lurking behind the next non-descript roller door. So far, the plan is to come back to Brooklyn and the hostel for Hannah's birthday so we can do some pretty serious investigating of the area. I should mention that the eery emptiness I thought I was seeing on my way here is actually a bit of a mask. The brick buildings are in fact lofts housing all sorts of hipster's and cool kids and from what I have seen they come out in droves at about 6pm. I plan to follow them on my next visit in the hopes of being lead to some local secret spots!! 

Two absolutely killer eats are Roberta's - fresh, organic and innovative food and amazing woodfired pizzas - and Momo's Sushi Cafe. 

Roberta's by day

Momo's at night - communal tables that still bare the shape of the tree that they were cut from; friendliest service I have EVER experience!

Roberta's is very inconspicuous, mostly identifiable by the lone ATM out the front. The vibe is very mellow and friendly! Note: was both impressed and inspired by the roof top garden where they grow most of their ingrediants - they also supply Momo's with some of their home-grown goodies. 

Momo's is on Bogart Street which is just around the corner and about 2 doors down from Roberta's. I stumbled upon this place after using the ATM out the front which identified it's location as Momo's Sushi Cafe. Yesterday was opening night and we were lucky enough to be play test dummies for their first run. My recommendation - the Pork Betty (aka. pork belly)!!! Y-U-M! The burly, bearded and dungaree wearing host made my night with his wicked sense of humour and air of unpretentious warmth. I can honestly say that it was the freshest, most beautifully presented and tasty Japanese food I have ever eaten!! A definite A+++++ 

Can't wait to come back and crack a little more into to Brooklyn's shell!

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