Wednesday, 25 August 2010


Today is my 4th day in Toronto and the place is really starting to grow on me. Admittedly I did have a minor/mid-range meltdown when we first arrived but I'm going to blame that on expectations (which are rarely if not NEVER met) and a 2 day hangover... No matter how many people told me that Toronto is Canada's equivalent to Melbourne (or New York which I find hard to believe) it was never going to be like home and perhaps I should have been reminding myself of that before I stepped off the plane. Pish-tosh! I'm here now and I'm really getting a feel for the place. The people are really friendly and are generally pretty open to chat however, that also includes the less favourable of characters. I'm considering arming myself with mace... over-reaction? Perhaps. 

I have become a lot bit partial to the style of architecture here. The Canadian version of the terrace house is insane! A good 4 to 5 storey's tall and skinny as hell but with lots of windows and the odd small but useful jutting balcony (I will definitely post some photos asap... I haven't yet been bothered to take my camera out!). 

And there's other things to love. The area around Kensington Market where Hannah is staying is packed full of fresh food markets including fish and meet and there's a gazillion little vintage shops too! The area is pretty much hipster central which I love although I'm definitely going to have to work on my own hipster status (or lack there of) if I'm going to fit in. Toronto also has trams!! which remind me of Melbourne and the houses remind me of London... Home #1 and home #(hopefully)2.  

I realize that this probably isn't all that exciting to others so perhaps it's time for me to go explore some more...

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