Thursday, 29 March 2012

Shourouk Rhaiem...

I love that when reading the miniature snippet on Honestly WTF about jewellery designer-of-your-dreams Shourouk Rhaiem, the mention of traditional embroidery followed by Swarovski crystal didn't seem at all odd or miss matched. No wonder, seeing as these mystical jewels made for the fantastical Princess in every woman (and some men) make so much sense! Throw in a few sequins, a coloured gem or two and even the odd length of perfectly dyed rope and you have yourself a statement making piece of art work around your neck, or you wrist, or dripping from your lobes, or 'clutched' in your hand... And to top off this visual feast of scrumptious-ness, the styling of this shoot is AMAZING! Although, I would be more inclined to wear my (future) Rhaiem dream with a t-shirt and jeans - so as to let the sheer decadence of the piece speak for itself - there's something to be said for all-over lace and some full skirted metallic! Am I right or am I right?...

All images via. Honestly WTF

Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Tickle My Fancy...

Ever since I got involved in the blog-following/blogging phenomenon I have been saving inspirational images from here and there. It started off serving as a visual shopping list, then moved into visual aids for home updates and now more than ever I am documenting the epic talent of all sorts of stylish stylist's. Most recently stylist's Sophie Barker for Fashion Gone Rogue and Eun Ji Jeong for Singles Korea magazine have taken my particular fancy.

In this shoot styled by Barker, the combination of androgynous layering and conservative collars (with just a hint of sportswear with those knee high, striped socks) is done to perfection. The whole shoot is edgy and totally fashionable but at no point do I feel like the clothes or the model are trying too hard. I genuinely dislike when one or the other ends up looking forced. It can be painful to view.

Truthfully, Barker has hit the nail on the head. I want to wear it all! I want to layer knits over brocade over gym socks. Well played Sophie Barker, well played. 

Images via. The Electric

As for Eun Ji Jeong, extreme eclecticism where tribal meets high fashion isn't usually my cup of herbal, caffine-free tea but, holy balls is this shoot is a winner!!! There's pumpkins, ombre hair and a knee-length cable knit over a red gown. It's a visual feast of colour, texture, layers and genres. I'm overwhelmed but not by the sheer number of references but by the near-perfect beauty of the shoot. 

This type of shoot is one which, I fear, would be seriously difficult for me to pull off. Not that I doubt my mad skills. It's just that this kind of styling is so hard to get right. I see a lot of layer laden editorials that force me to look away for fear of tearing up at the site of someone attempting something beyond their capabilities. 10 points for trying and more power to those stylists with gigantic balls! But for now, I will marvel in the risks taken by others until the day comes when I too have the balls to try this out...   

Image source unknown. Editorial featured in Singles Korea Magazine - January 2012

When Two 'Worlds' Collide...

I had an interesting run in, so to speak, with a God fearing man via one of my favourite sites today - StyleLikeU. Admittedly and for the most part, I would not equate religion with fashion but in this case, the two really do go hand in hand. 

William Whitcombe is a Chaplain at the University of Arts in London and if you pay attention to his aesthetic, he clearly is a 'colourful' character - pun intended! 

In a wonderful way, Whitcombe admits that his love of colours, both clashing and in general, was born from too much time spent in a grey school uniform. This makes sense. For me, the colour wheel spun the other way. I spent 6 years in a lime green school dress and, unsurprisingly, I tend to shy away from garments of the bright persuasion. 

This man really is an inspiration to me. He is re-enforcing my faith in fashion as an emotional connection to the outside world and a creative outlet that both appeals to and benefits more than those supposedly frivolous 'fashionista's' in Paris, London, New York and Milan. I also just love that a man, church goer or not, is paying attention to his aesthetics outside of the fashion scene. 

I'm going to show this short film to my boyfriend. He'll LOVE it! 

William Whitcombe << StyleLikeU 

All images via. StyleLikeU

Monday, 5 March 2012

Spring, It's Time To Sprung...

I have a mental image of myself fluttering around during a Toronto Summer in a billowing white cotton frock and wooden platforms. Unfortunately, the reality is a little less romantic. I own few dresses and none that insight any feelings of urban fairy, oozing purity and prettiness. If I were to unzip my hip pocket it would hands down be for to be adored. Their site is currently showing off a spring/summer 2012 lookbook of the most scrumptious kind - a little pre-teen English rose, a hint of Picnic At Hanging Rock and just the right amount of leather overalls! What more could my impending hot weather wardrobe ask for? My god, it's time for a job - I'm mentally spending money before I have physically earn't it...

tba - to be adored - Images via.

Sunday, 4 March 2012

HiHo HiHo It's Off To France I Go...

It's serendipitous that I would stumble across an image that so perfectly represents why I NEED to go back to Paris seeing as it has been on my mind an awful lot lately. Shakespeare & Company is one of many nooks and cranny's I have yet to explore. As soon as time and money permit, I will be on a train (because the Eurostar is, in my opinion, such an adventure in international travel) to Paris!

Shakespeare & Company
Image via. Because I'm Addicted.

Inspirational Inspiration...

Lyla & Blu disseminates the most extraordinarily scrumptous imagery. There's an old world charm mixed in with a hint of innovation and a rustic reality which I certainly want to be living. I was genuinely overwhelmed by the content and believe that I will now be referring to Lyla & Blu whenever I'm lacking some motivation/inspiration. Thanks to Rackk and Ruin for the heads-up!

The turquoise-y undertone to the paint offsets the vibrant yellows, oranges and reds of the flames so deliciously!

I'm not advocating the use of guns (frankly they scare the sh*t out of me) but what a powerful looking woman, right?!

Add a bottle of merlot to the above dairy and I'd be a happy girl

Profound in its connotations. What a story teller!
All images sourced from Lyla & Blu.