Sunday, 4 March 2012

Style Like U...

I have a ritual in the morning. It involves checking my email, checking my Facebook and checking for updates on Today there is a new closet feature, YAY!! But right now I would like to refer to an old one, so to speak. Fashion stylist and designer Sophie Assa likely has the most perfectly put-together-without-effort style ever! I watch these video's all the time and I can safely say that I resonate with Sophie and her style more than any of the others. She's edgy, yet feminine, she's hippy yet high heeled, she's vintage yet new. If you can't already tell, I'm a BIG FAN! I think I'm such a fan because her style isn't easily categorized. She seems to flutter between preconceived fashion genres with her fingers in multiple style pots. 

I love that she's matched her red boots to the hint of red in her Ralph Lauren jumper and that 1920's vintage ring simply needs to get on my finger! Sophie mentions in this short video that she always does her buttons right up to the collar... SO DO I!! We should be friends!

Watch and appreciate...

Sophie Assa - Fashion Stylist and Designer - Images Via. StyleLikeU

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