Tuesday, 27 March 2012

When Two 'Worlds' Collide...

I had an interesting run in, so to speak, with a God fearing man via one of my favourite sites today - StyleLikeU. Admittedly and for the most part, I would not equate religion with fashion but in this case, the two really do go hand in hand. 

William Whitcombe is a Chaplain at the University of Arts in London and if you pay attention to his aesthetic, he clearly is a 'colourful' character - pun intended! 

In a wonderful way, Whitcombe admits that his love of colours, both clashing and in general, was born from too much time spent in a grey school uniform. This makes sense. For me, the colour wheel spun the other way. I spent 6 years in a lime green school dress and, unsurprisingly, I tend to shy away from garments of the bright persuasion. 

This man really is an inspiration to me. He is re-enforcing my faith in fashion as an emotional connection to the outside world and a creative outlet that both appeals to and benefits more than those supposedly frivolous 'fashionista's' in Paris, London, New York and Milan. I also just love that a man, church goer or not, is paying attention to his aesthetics outside of the fashion scene. 

I'm going to show this short film to my boyfriend. He'll LOVE it! 

William Whitcombe << StyleLikeU 

All images via. StyleLikeU

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