Thursday, 19 August 2010

I am in like with you

Today is my 3rd official day in NYC and so far my expectations have been well and truly met. Admittedly we (fellow RMIT fashion export Hannah and I) have been about as touristy as a pair of tourist's can get just short of getting on one of those horrendous guided bus tours. Judge if you will but I make no apologise for myself... and in my defence, should a defence be required, we have found our way to some pretty amazing places without the suggestions from Lonely Planet's Guide to New York City. 

There's been Time Square, Central Park, vintage, the Staten Island Ferry past Lady Liberty, MoMA, Greenwich Village, vegetarian food to salivate over and many MANY attractive boys and girls! 

249 Varet Street, Brooklyn - a BIG A+

It might not be very intimidating but I'll take a few neon lights over Melbourne's Police in Hummers any day 

Breakdancer in Time Square

No shortage of WICKED boots! drooling for the patent blue ones...
Old photos for sale...

Change room?? 

Stumbled upon this treasure trove of wonderment in Greenwich Village... from what we could tell it was someone's front window...
More snaps to come...

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