Friday, 2 December 2011

I Thought I'd Lost You...

On Thursday night I found myself in the depths of a 5-way conversation and an awful lot of empathy. Now that I'm nearing quarter life crisis age I think I forgot the significance of the life's little achievements - such as finishing uni - and just how affecting those achievements can be. Thursday's discourse definitely brought that realization to the forefront. It's not that I am bored at the moment. I have a trillion and one things to do before I leave the country in two weeks not least of which includes actually packing my bags. I am however lacking motivation, inspiration and even a little confidence. I'm clearly in desperate need of a new creative endeavor to sink my teeth into. 
The point of this post is not to cast a cloud over an already cloudy day (if someone can tell me where Summer is I'd love to know!) but more to bring some attention to the necessity of pursuing and maintaining inspiration, which I think I may have just found - even if it only lasts a day.

Meet Marco Velardi - Founder and Editor-in-Chief of Barcelona based interiors magazine 'Apartamento' - and his partner in creative crime Christopher Nying - Co-founder and designer of fashion brand Our Legacy. 

Marco is only 28years old!
On his partner Christopher - "It's almost like he is visualizing ahead of me. Like what I would like to wear in 6 months."

"It's important to be spontaneous... listen to yourself, what you like. And don't think too much of other people - how they can affect you."

Aside from their obvious success the cacophony of creative talents and interest that the two share between them is exciting. I have been having particular trouble lately trying to decide what specifically to do with my impending degree - every time I mention having just finished uni I am bound to be asked "so what are you going to do/be now?" Well, thank god for kids like these (above) because shit, I want to do/be it all!

Check out the video which inspired this post at THE AVANT/GARDE DIARIES. And if that only just begins to whet your appetite explore Apartamento Magazine  and Our Legacy ...

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