Monday, 5 December 2011

If Only I Could Wear Pastels...

I have a propensity to dress with menswear in mind more often than not. Mostly it's subconscious as I'm not the most avid follower of menswear trends nor am I all that interested in designing for men. I do however LOVE styling men. It is not surprising then that my favourite elements of the G.V.G.V Spring/Summer '12 collection are the pleated pants, two-toned pastel biker jackets and a sheer boxy-cut shirt over delicious palm print shorts circa Elvis in his movie making hay-day! And more than all of the aforementioned, the clear front runner has to be the black gingham pant and shirt combo with just the right amount of 50's housewife peplum thrown in for good measure(Note the peplum reference - don't discount my girly-ness all together)... 

Images via Style Bubble

Aside from what I prefer from this collection, an interesting little tid-bit arose to greet my attention as I was scrolling through the above images. Forgive me if you already knew or picked this (and once again, by 'you' I mean the allusive reader of this blog who may or may not exist beyond my imagination) but G.V.G.V. is a Japanese label. Far from the Rei Kawakubo's and Yohji Yamamoto's this collection has a cleanliness that can be appreciated as much for its simplicity as a Comme Des Garcons collection can be appreciated for its conceptual depth. The seemingly juxtaposed reference to both the traditional notion of housewife AND the British Teddy Boy also makes for an either odd or obvious collaboration - depending on your view - which I find subtle, inspiring and more to the point, something that I would want to wear. 

Make of this collection what you will - it has been noted elsewhere that either via concept or outcome, a sense of deja vu might arise when viewing the above collection. I, however, am clearly a fan. A BIG fan. If only I had the coin and the lack of a sense of responsibility so that I could actually own some for myself.

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