Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Chasing the sunshine...

Earlier in December I was lucky enough to hop a quick plane ride to LA... and boy was I pleasantly surprised!! I was aware that winter barely happens over in ol' California but I wasn't at all prepared for the love in which I fell with this often (internationally) under appreciated city. I had heard about LA's penchant for false friendlyness and what have you and thus went into the trip with my guard up and preconceptions safely in place. However I have to say that the people I met there are some of the most interesting, welcoming, hospitable and genuinely enjoyable bunch of boys and girls I have met in a while - aside from my own flock of interesting, welcoming, hospitable and genuinely enjoyable friends in Melbourne xox.

Champas in a can + straw = thirst quenching AND classy!

Personal tour Guide and A+ host Shannon on her birthday! (img.

During my four days between Las Vegas and LA the bf and I were treated to a personal tour of all things delicious and worthy of purchase. M Cafe on Melrose is 100% the yummiest place on the planet, on par with Real Food Daily on La Cienega Boulevard and Wasteland (quality vintage shop also on Melrose) offered up some pretty epic spending ops. We had vegan friendly gelato and 20inch faux meat sandwichs and I even managed to win $180 from 25c on an old school slot machine which spewed out a copious amount of coins on my first try!! Unfortunately for my gambling career, that is where my luck began and ended. 


M Cafe - Melrose (img.


Getty Museum gardens (img.

Getty Museum (img.

Art in the Getty Museum (img.

Sunset from the Getty Museum (img.

Capriotti's 20inch sandwich = YUM!

With all the eating that we did it seemed more than appropriate to take a leisurely walk through Runyon Canyon on our final day... Admittedly I was hoping for a celebrity sighting of The Hills variety but was instead left to marvel at the miniature stature of the guy from 8 Rules of Dating My Teenage Daughter while trying not to squeal over every cute dog that wandered past. Despite the rather obvious layer of smog that covered the city, the view from the top was really quite beautiful. While admiring the view I resolved my self to the idea that I would one day live in LA and thus be standing atop that canyon regularly. Here's hoping....

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