Thursday, 9 February 2012

When Digging Up Graves, Must Wear Boy. by Band of Outsiders...

A little follow up to a previous post on new Spring/Summer 2012 ad campaigns - Michelle Williams in Boy. by Band of Outsiders S/S '12 is stripped back but not bare. She looks beautiful, fresh and young and an awful lot like Mia Wasikowska - all of which are good things! But aside from that, the campaign itself, much like Marc Jacobs S/S '12 campaign, is playful and unassuming. Neither the clothes or the model think too highly of themselves. I don't always like looking at clothes that seem untouchable. Sometimes a little reality is vital. It's comfortable and not in the slothing on the couch in a dodgey tracksuit kind of way. And again, aside from the model, the concepts and the images themselves - which are beautifully desaturated - it's the presentation in polaroid form that really brings home that element of subtle authenticity. I haven't done much research into the making of this campaign but I'd like to think that the whole thing was, in fact, shot on a polaroid camera and not simply digitally manipulated in post production.

Images via. Fashionista

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