Saturday, 18 February 2012


Laura and Kate Mulleavy fascinate me. Aside from the fact that they do not appear to be your average fashion aficionado's (and thank goodness for that!!), they have a vision that rivals anyone in the fashion industry, past and present. This time around, my homeland of Australia - and more specifically its mesmerizing and treacherous outback - bore inspiration worthy of a Fall 2012 collection.  The best part of this source of inspiration was its interpretation, or rather relocation, from the country itself into the heels of the shoes... 

Aside from the Aussie shout-out, I'm proud to say that I can't and most definitely won't try to pinpoint an era reference (although the 1930's esque hair-do is a massive hit in my book!). The Mulleavy sister's have a wonderful knack for highlighting multiple decades of fashion significance within their collections and what I like so much about that is that I don't find myself thinking "I've seen this somewhere before", like on my mother in a black and white photo from the 70's, if you catch my drift. 

While the following are, as always, a selection of my top choices (one's that I will dream onto my body sometime after my eye lids embark on their nightly embrace), I highly recommend you to assess the collection in its entirety. It's worth your time and your appreciation... And so, just quietly, is the reinterpretation of the exaggerated shoulder. In general, I steer well clear of a big shoulder but for this collection, I would 100% steer TOWARD it!

Rodarte Fall 2012 - Images via.

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