Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Unpicking, One Seam At a Time...

For two weeks now I have been sitting on a mammoth Pre-Fall post. And now, I think I'm over it. One of only a few downsides to the globalization and epic popularity of fashion blogging is that as soon as something 'new' comes out, the whole community has already posted and re-posted the same designers, outfits and inspirations ad nauseum.  There's a fine line between self expression and communication in a public arena and repeating what many have already said. Unfortunately, we aren't always as unique as we wish or preach to be. The silver lining has revealed itself in a fresh crop of Spring/Summer campaigns. I am aware that I'm putting my foot square into my chomper as these campaigns - much like the aforementioned Pre-Fall collections - have already been widely appreciated,  I can see an authenticity and genuine originality that excites me beyond the promise of mini collections that I can never afford. 

These campaigns embody both the art of Fashion AND the art of Expression. They are witty and quirky and a little less self centered if you get my drift.

So I start today with a series of images by a designer that, while I do appreciate his extraordinary skill and creative excellence, I don't usually follow obsessively. Juergen Teller has managed to capture a playfulness that is much less forced than your average pastel saturated, Hello Kitty-esque interpretation. I honestly feel like the Marc Jacobs girl captured here - despite her seemingly blank expression - is actually having fun. And just quietly, I kind of want to have fun with her too! 

Images via The Fashion Hash

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