Thursday, 9 February 2012

Don't Forget Your Hat...

I have been pondering the satisfaction of making and remaking 'things' for yourself. DIY-ing if you will. I have been doing a lot of it myself lately as non-existent employment and minimal savings restrict me to a 'make do and mend' kind of lifestyle. And, just quietly, I don't hate it. It really is genuinely satisfying to know that I have put my knowledge from fashion school to work, my brain to work and my wardrobe to work for very little coin. Anywho, as always I have found the most wonderful short film to support my self-made endeavours. Super Duper is an Italian label of artisan designed and created millinery and one which has only furthered my inspiration to invest more time in my own burgeoning interest in handcrafted creativity and attention to detail. So watch, observe, enjoy and make some room on a wall with some hooks because I guarantee, after this 3 minute visual feast you'll want to purchase more hats!

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