Sunday, 12 February 2012

Is That A Cynthia Rowley?...

First impressions have a big impact on me. I have difficulty letting them go. The first time I heard about Cynthia Rowley was on an episode of Sex and the City when Charlotte finds herself questioning the sexual orientation of a prospective partner. It was a season of the show where the outfits donned by the character Charlotte are, much like her Chelsey dwelling boyfriend to be, questionable. It is for that reason that I can't help but relate the name Cynthia Rowley with dated late 90's/early 00's attire. I really need to kick that mental image to the proverbial curb. Until the day when I have the gall, the notoriety and the $$ to attend New York Fashion Week, I will have to settle with metaphorically drooling over the Cynthia Rowley that presents to me.

According to's Alison Baenen, Rowley's inspiration for this wonderfully 'hard' collection of sullied burgundy's and leather dungarees was no other than the work wear of a mechanic. Backstage at her show, Rowley herself describes her feelings on the the rugged work wear -  "I liked that you could put one piece on and have barely anything else and look tough and sexy". Hadn't thought of an oil-soiled onesy that way but touche M'aam, touche.

The following are a few of my top picks (as though posting only 15 of 36 outfits doesn't already make that blatantly obvious) with my particular fav's - and the ones that I would genuinely like to be wearing on this -7degree day - being the scrumptiously chocolate brown leather overall dress, the charcoal shearling jacket and the denim-esque pant suit complete with matching shirt.

Cynthia Rowley Fall/Winter 2012 - all images via.

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