Sunday, 5 September 2010

Hello Friend

Despite my initial reservations about orientation, Friday's exchange student initiation at Ryerson was almost enjoyable. As is to be expected of any first day we did the obligatory "everyone walk around the room and find someone with a flag sticker from your country on them and introduce yourself" dance - I have always understood this type of forced socialization as an effective meet-and-greet tactic at such events but also always hated it none the less. 
We were fed and watered free of charge (very smile worthy considering the current state of my funds - or lack there of) and toured around the boundless campus. I have to admit, our tour guides are what made the whole experience bearable. I found it genuinely refreshing to speak to people who were little more than strangers so openly and comfortably about our mutual exchange experiences and without any of that bullshit, fake pretense that I endure everywhere else in the world - namely retail... I love shopping but seriously, retail pretty much requires you to be an irritating moron with a faux smile painfully plastered on - I refer to myself in my retail days as much as any other shop assistant.
With the end of the orientation came an invite to a local pub where we would again be showered with free food and drinks. My drinking habits must be getting the better of me because I was genuinely disappointed when informed that the drink cards only provided us with one non-alcoholic beverage... I should probably keep an eye on that.
Ultimately the day served its purpose and in the least yawn inducing, painful way possible. I'm beginning to get really excited about the next four months at Ryerson. I'm just keeping my fingers crossed that I don't let my expectations - which are always wrong and way too high - get in the way of making the absolute most of this opportunity.

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