Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Victims Of Beauty?...

Bulgarian publication 12 Magazine recently shot a rather interesting beauty feature - Victim of Beauty - that seems to have many in an anti-violence-against-women uproar. Personally, I wonder if they might be taking everything a bit too seriously. The editorial features a surprising and thought provoking combination of perfectly made-up models sporting rather gruesome and seemingly realistic injuries ranging from a black eye to a slashed throat. Obviously this concept was intended to get chins a wagin' but when a commenter on Fashionista's blog go so far as to say "Yup whoever did this hates women..."it strikes me as simply an interpretation on face value (no pun intended)... I'm not going to lie, the faux injuries really are horrendously life like and a little bit sickening if you think of them too literally but it is my opinion that we should be kudos-ing the skills of the makeup artist's instead of complaining about the supposed intentions and underlying 'message' of the editorial. Seriously, it's entirely possible that the minds and hands behind these images just wanted to see what they could do with such a dichotomous concept. Maybe they didn't feel like producing yet another beauty editorial where the model poses mouth open and hands resembling the stiffness of Barbie's. 

We are all entitled to our opinions and we each feel about these images something unique and individual so I'm not saying that the nay-sayer's are wrong to believe, feel and say what they have about 'Victim of Beauty'. I just want to make sure that everyone takes a deep breath, calms down and stops getting all worked up over something that is clearly a work of skill and creativity that is built upon a concept that insights both SHOCK and AWE.

Who really knows though... Maybe it was a statement for/against violence against women. I certainly don't believe in violence against ANYONE. 

A comment from another Fashionista reader Lindsey Schuyler - "Why do you automatically jump to domestic violence? Why assume women can’t get injured on their own? I think it’s a really interesting shoot, the contrast of what can be done with makeup is pretty amazing, it’s like two worlds of special effects colliding."



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