Thursday, 14 June 2012

More Is More, Is More, Is More...

On Monday, I bought a bike and today I had a meeting with a rather talented film maker/photographer. The two are mostly unrelated except that I rode my new bike to our get-together. Clearly I love my new bike... Luckily I am also very happy with the outcome of the meeting. Two from two! Stephen Hargreaves and are planning to shoot a creative together and with the air heavy with excitement and anticipation I peddled my little legs off so as to get home and get a-researchin'. Thankfully for me, doing research is often aided by my wonderfully creatively inclined friends and this time around a fellow Fashion grad brought a dazzlingly shoot to my attention.

Masha Reva, the creator of the fabulous garments (and I assume, the props as well) notes her interest in merging with "the boundless informational field that is internet." This collection culminates her graduating year from the Kiev University of Technology and Design. It really is a most wonderful investigation of the "confrontation between natural and artificial..." More to the point though the concept has bred a visual feast of a photo shoot. Kudos to photographer Synchrodogs, stylist Julie Pelipas and hair/makeup artist Helen Khodos for bringing the concept and collection together in such a beautiful set of images. 

Check out the behind the scenes video at Fashion Served and more on Masha Reva at - including design experimentation, videos and lots more fun and creatively informative tid-bits.

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