Saturday, 9 April 2011

Saturday Night with Nachos...

I am prone to mini epiphanies. Goodness knows why but they have a tendency to occur when I'm so damn tired I can't stand up straight and/or I have seen or read or heard something seemingly unrelated to life in general resulting in an internal bolt of lightening to the belly. Tonight's was one of the latter kind. I caught the last 5mins of Happy Feet and found myself getting a little choked up at the final 'dance'... (Send me to the loony bin but at least wait until I have finished) The feeling of starting something that inspires many is a feeling I'm swiftly becoming addicted to. I used to get the same rush when I was one of the lead dancers in an eisteddfod routine - playing leader, adrenalin rush, getting other people excited about a performance - and now I guess I get it from doing things in a slightly more selfless way (insert tooting ones own horn here...).  The whole experience of raising money for the Leukaemia Foundation a month ago and getting people interested in the cause (and I guess the 'performance' of me having my hair cut off) was a bit of an adrenalin rush. A little slower and with a lot less stage lighting but none the less invigorating and self-motivating. I'm beginning to see myself getting more and more excited by the idea of doing other things to get people excited  - whether it be promoting the behind the scenes of the creative industries (something I'm trying for my final year of uni) in an attempt to promote a more genuine understanding of the beauty and hard work that's involved in making wonderful things or tempting Level 10 with sugary treats to take part in and donate to Australia's Biggest Morning Tea as a means of raising money for the Cancer Council. Maybe I'm just growing up but the whole charity thing is less of an awkward scrounge for loose change than it once was. Anyway, here's hoping I can get a couple other kids opening their wallets this time around. Because ultimately we're all going to (if not already) know someone with cancer and we may as well start stacking the points in their favour now instead of just hoping for a miracle later...

On a slightly brighter note - SHOES!

A wedge and a hint of weaponry... there are no words! Image via - Jak&Jil   

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