Thursday, 3 February 2011

Man Repeller...

My new best friend goes by the name of The Man Repeller ( She's witty, well-dressed and most simply hilarious and I have to give her snaps for being able to both hold my attention and genuinely entertain me with her words! Her real name is Leandra Medine and she's 22 years old, my favourite new found blog and unfortunately not really my bff... not yet anyway... 

The Man Repeller (left) featured in Lucky Magazine

Recently, Lucky magazine hailed her as "one of the most hilarious voices in fashion, chronicling trends that women love and men hate..." and I tend to agree. Leandra has a quirky penchant for drawing anatomy related parallels between fashion and the female genitalia in the most kitsch and pointedly hilarious manner. Her most recent post however is one that I particularly adore for I too am a lover of the 'man repelling' top knot. She writes -

"Man Repeller, you look like an alien" or "Man Repeller, you look like an emaciated sumo wrestler." I suppose I should note my general response as well, "You're just upset the knot at the top of my head is bigger than both of your peewee-sized testicles combined. But thank you for the compliment on my physique."

A topknot that the Man Repeller herself rocked and aptly referred to as a 'flop knot'

Obviously there's just a hint of childish humor but I tend to like that more than any attempt at intellectually stunted, supposedly 'adult' quick-wittedness. And to really slather on the strawberry icing on this tasty chocolate mudcake of a blog she's actually insanely well dressed and amongst all the vagina references and elementary school-esque name calling The Man Repeller makes some very valid points about fashion. It is in fact true that for all the fashionably apt females searching for a male to lock lips, with how do they really expect to attract one while they are ultimately dressing to attract the attention of other fashionably apt females?? - or males that have interest in locking lips only with other males... We - and by we I mean those of us who spend more time looking, touching and pining over clothes/shoes/accessories than we do breathing - are all without a doubt man repellers!!

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