Tuesday, 2 November 2010

For the Good

Seven days ago my boyfriend went into a plexiglass box... For the following 5 days and 4 nights, that is exactly where he remained. As well as being a magician, motivational speaker and - to my nail-biting, edge of seat kind of distress - an escape artist, he is also a social activist. If I wasn't so busy basking in his radiating goodness I'd probably be feeling pretty crap about my lack of skills and goodwill. Anyway, on Sunday the 31st of October (Halloween for the aussie's who could care less about the day) - and, just quietly, to my internal but no less ear piercing YIPEE! - he came out of the box. But not after raising over 18,000 pounds of food for the Daily Bread Food Bank in Toronto for a cause called 'Halloween for Hunger' - an annual food drive initiative run by non-profit organization Free the Children. It was the most extraordinary thing to watch the overflowing and uncensored kindness of all the people who donated to the cause! If I were feeling at all cynical about the world last week, the enormity of those donations would have instantly changed my mind. Mostly, however, I am just so f-ing proud of bf - aka Scott Hammell - for not giving up when it was 6 degrees max during the day and god knows what at night and for being willing to answer the bazillion questions that passers by had for him all the while with the most genuine smile! He is most definitely a better person than I and a lot of people I know.

More pics of the final day and the mountain of donations to come...

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